About Us

A leading search firm for many of the world’s most respected organizations. Our core services include consulting, executive search, advisory and strategy Services. Our team consists of Industry and domain experts having an in-depth knowledge of a varied range of recruitment processes and Practices which helps us to shine not just in recruitments but also empower us to understand and translate your business needs into key deliverable responses.

Our mission is to provide the best recruitment solutions to maximize client returns through our unique services and Placing the right executive in the chair and accomplishing this goal as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

Our Values

We value long-term relationships above short-term gain. We invest fully in the training and development of our own people and in technology, and pursue a relentless dedication to quality work.

We draw our energy and creativity from working together. We value our relationships with our clients and we are always striving to improve.

Why SMD Consultants Pvt Ltd?

We Support your entire organization.

SMD Consultants works to find talent for all levels of your firm. We do not limit our searches to only senior executive positions. That would place our interests before yours. We resourcefully excel at recruiting talented middle managers just as we do in our senior management search engagements. By serving your needs in this area, we help you recruit the next generation of key executives.

We Find leaders that are crucial to your organization.

SMD Consultants has developed a network that has the extended reach to insure that the standards you set for key executives are met by all the candidates we provide for you.

We provide value by tying compensation to performance.

SMD Consultants structures its fees so that they are tied to how we perform for you. Our fees make sense for your business, your budget, and your recruiting objectives.

We Provide more than just Candidates

In instances where you are looking for information about the talent in your market, including current compensation and experience levels, SMD Consultants provides you with a wealth of market intelligence.