Employee Speak

Leena Madaan

Sr. Manager (Talent Acquisition)

I joined SMD Consultants as an Executive and worked my way up to my current designation as Sr. Manager. The entire journey of 4.5 yrs in SMD Consultants has been a great experience. At SMD we not only work but we live and enjoy our work with colleagues and supervisors who are always ready to provide their support. The work culture not only strengthens our professional skills but also groom our personalities by frequent employee engagement activities. SMD Simply Makes Difference in both employees life and market trend. I look forward to many more years at SMD Consultants with the chance to keep growing within the company.

Maharshika Parihar

B.Tech (IT)
Senior Manager (Talent Acquisition/Account)

SMD Consultants (P) Ltd. is an extremely professional organization providing immense opportunity to enhance one’s growth and learning curve. The management has been instrumental in making their employees feel in passion when it comes to level of opportunity for choices and functions. Their transparent approach and rationale has always encouraged positive growth. I owe a lot to the organization cause starting my career in SMD as Manager to the Sen. Manager it’s a journey of simply growing as the “Motivator to Leader”. Due to Mr. Dinesh Bansal’s guidelines I followed the fact:—
“Big jobs usually go to them who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.”

Hitender Singh

Manager-Talent Acquisition

SMD is completely focused on being the best fitness in the market from ethical stand point with no exceptions. The atmosphere at SMD is one of cooperation and support, which I think is rare in today’s workplace. While many of my friends are searching for new “more satisfying” jobs, I am grateful for the opportunity that I have been given by Mr. Dinesh Bansal and look forward to many more years at SMD Consultants with the chance to keep growing within the company. SMD is truly a great place to work.

Varsha Pandita

Manager (Talent Acquisition)

SMD is a process driven organization which focuses on bringing out the best in an employee & provides immense learning opportunities. I have enhanced my knowledge and capability to perform and also gained more confidence and courage to deliver my best after joining SMD. What makes SMD interesting is the open, friendly and stress free atmosphere which is really very inspiring and motivating. I am indeed happy to be a part of SMD and wish the organization the very best of everything in all its endeavors.

Nitin Manjre

Manager Talent Acquisition
SMD Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Pune

My experience with SMD has been excellent. The type of support I am getting, I feel like my work here is always recognized – never overlooked. Timely support from SMD has helped me to fine-tune my skills, which has resulted in improving my performance. Overall a satisfying experience. SMD is truly a great place to work.

Radhika Ramanathan

B.Tech (E & E)
Manager -Talent Acquisition

My work experience at SMD Consultants was very good. Though it was a short period of work. I have had a very good exposure to the work and the role, from day. I am happy that I have had all the right and authority to take my own decisions. I am also pleased about SMD Team members who have given me all the support to work on this profile. I would finally like to thanks SMD Management for having trusted me and offered this position to work on. I am leaving SMD with happiness and shall be looking forward to work in the future again. I wish the best of luck for the future endeavors of the organization.