Our Talent Solution Process

Each assignment begins with an initial briefing from the client during which the key parameters of the search are agreed and documented. These key competencies (a unique combination of proven skills, knowledge, abilities and attitudes) form the basis of our assessment of potential candidates throughout the search process.

Having defined the key selection criteria with the client, we continue our targeted research into companies and sectors to find those best qualified for the role. Using our proprietary database and personal contacts we speak to sources familiar with those companies and industries to seek informal views and opinions on individuals we believe may be relevant and qualified.

On the basis of our research, we approach potential candidates. Once we determine that an individual is both qualified and interested in the role, his/ her candidature is sponsored further to the client. Before presenting any candidate to the client, we conduct a rigorous competency-based interview. Each candidate is assessed and validated against the position specification.

After the client has selected their preferred candidate, our consultants conduct thorough referencing to further measure and assess competencies, strengths and weaknesses, and to provide our client with external views of the individual. When an offer is made to a candidate, our consultants are available to participate in any negotiations. Unsuccessful candidates are promptly and courteously informed.

We retain an interest in the executives we have helped to recruit well after they have taken up their new positions. We make ourselves available to the client and candidate to help with integration in whatever way we can.